Which comes First ?

Is Venus farther from Earth than Mars? Is the CN Tower taller than the Sears Tower? Who would win in a race between a polar bear and an African elephant? Which Comes First?, the best new family quiz game of the year, will challenge you to sort planets by distance, animals by speed and monuments by size. Challenge your friends and beat their scores! Who knows, you may even discover which came first, the chicken or the egg.

Brain Storm
Your knowledge is the Key

Humanity has become fascinated by the discovery of a rare and promising ore: genium, an alternative to fossil fuels.

To deliver its full potential, this mineral must be fed by cognitive energy, your knowledge. This resource, capable of generating almost infinite energy, is a source of greed and conflict. Be the first, among thousands, to use your knowledge to increase the power of your city. Extract as much genium as you can and develop a strategy to extend your conquests.